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Hey there!


My name is Angelo, and I welcome you to my website!

I feel like it is incredibly hard to summarize my life in a little blurb on a page, but the basics are that I am originally from Massachusetts & I moved to NYC at 18 years old to pursue a musical theater degree from Marymount Manhattan College. I am a friendly Cancer sun who loves Barbra Streisand. I still love living in NYC after all these years (13 to be exact.) You can find me eating the best ramen in the city in my neighborhood of Hamilton Heights, Manhattan. I consider myself a very lucky fellow to be surrounded by such an incredible community of artists.

I have performed all over the country from NYC to Tennessee in old & new shows alike. I have a passion for creating projects from the ground up. I love telling stories that feel relevant, and that are passionate and important. I have started to write. I get a kick out of making people laugh & I hope I have made you smile at least once while reading this.

My most recent life update is that I have moved to Provincetown, MA for the summer of 2023 to be inspired to create, and to perform in one of my favorite places.

I can't wait to get for you to get to know more than these little snippets about me. I am an open book.



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