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A Funny Thing Happened...Forum at Stoneham Theatre 


(nominated for 2015 BroadwayWorld Boston Awards, and Boston ArtsImpluse Theater Awards)

"Angelo McDonough made a splash as Bud Frump in Stoneham’s “How to Succeed in Business” and has some nice moments as a Protean."- OnBoston Stages


"Rounding out the brilliant cast are three actors who play a dizzying variety of roles, from protean guards of Gloriosus to old men, slaves, eunuchs and various and sundry roles...Angelo McDonough proves to be the glue that keeps the various plots and schemes moving, each shining on stage when their moments come."- Wicked Local




How to Succeed in Business... at Stoneham Theatre

(nominated for 2015 BroadwayWorld Boston Awards, and Boston ArtsImpluse Theater Awards)


"Trying to foil his every step is the mischievously Bud Frump (Angelo McDonough). McDonough is a delight and uses his comedic skills to make his devilish character likeable."-


"Angelo McDonough almost succeeds in stealing the show with his big voice and broad strokes as Finch's nemesis Bud Frump."-


"...the show is stolen by Angelo McDonough as Bud Frump, the boss’ nephew and Finch’s rival. McDonough’s Frump is a smarmy, calculating weasel who oozes such a fun menace that he commands the stage every time he appears, twirling an ever-present lollipop much like a classic villain twirling his mustache."- Wicked Local


"Robbins fills out the company with...newcomer Angelo McDonough, who channels Nathan Lane as Finch’s irritating nemesis Bud Frump. The combination of experienced veterans and newbies seems to push everyone on the stage to up their game."- The Boston Globe 




The Baker's Wife at The Gallery Players


"They say there are no small roles on stage, and every actor followed this to a T. In fact the citizens of Provence were my favorite parts of the show, particularly the portrayals of...Antoine (Angelo McDonough). "
































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